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Wilpattu National Park

Located along the north-west coast 26km from Puttalam, famous for its unique lakes called Villus. The park covers 425 sq ft of the coastal area.This is generally a dry zone but still is able to accomadate an impressive number of wildlife. It is also one of the largest and oldest national parks of the country. Since the park is located in a dry zone the average temperature is about 27 degrees. Despite its climate and location the park is covered with very dense shrubbery, a large expanse of grasslands, and an abundant amount of water for a park located in a dry area. The major attractions in the park are the endemic sloth bears, leopards, barking deers and elephants. This is yet another bird-watching paradise where endemic birds are most common such as the jungle fowl ( the ntaional bird of Sri Lanka ). Mammals are not the only attractions here, reptiles, amphibians and insects such as butterflies , the Great Egg Fly and Common Rose just to name a few, also claim popularity among the visitors. Crocodiles and a wide range of snakes also makes Wilpattu National Park their home.